Domestic Animal

 Weather Predictors

Those growing up or living around a farm or ranch probably will recognize some of these. Here is a selection of of those observations.


  • A faster a cat swishes his tail, the stronger a wind up to a gale.


  • Sneezing cats foretell rain.


  • If a cat washes her face over the ear, look for weather fine and clear.


  • An old cat frisking around like a kitten foretells bad weather.


  • Strong winds blow when dogs roll.

  • A dog's tail will straighten when rain is coming.

  • It foretells rain when a dog digs a hole, howls at passerby's, or refuse to eat meat.

  • When dog's rub themselves in winter, expect a thaw soon.


  • When Pigs Carry Sticks,

    The Clouds will play Tricks;

    When they lie in the Mud,

    No Fears of Flood.


  • When the hogs are carrying sticks to build their beds, a change in weather is ahead. (Contributed by Norman "John" George, from St. Joseph, MO.)


  • When pigs squeal in winter, there come a blizzard.



  • Cows graze before long rains, but seek shelter before showers.

  • Cattle graze in low lands for a storm and on high ground for clear weather.

  • When cows refuse the pasture in the morning, expect rain before night.

  • If cows lie down in early morning, expect rain at night.

  • When goats seek shelter, expect a storm.

  • When goats leave shelter during a rain, it will soon clear.

  • When sheep huddle by tree and bush, expect bad weather with wind and slush.

  • Expect good weather, when sheep graze and scatter.


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