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Terrain Features


We will begin our discussion of terrain features with the major terrain features: Hill, Saddle, Ridge, Valley


A HILL is a terrain feature that has low ground on all four sides. It is shown on a map as a series of circular contour lines. The center of the smallest circular contour line is considered the hilltop.


Hill2.jpg (102201 bytes)

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A SADDLE is a terrain feature that has high ground on two sides opposite each other, and low ground on the other two sides that are also opposite of each other. 


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A RIDGE is a line of high ground, with minor variations along its crest. It is not simply a line of hills. The ridge is is appreciably higher than the ground on both sides of the ridge.


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A VALLEY is a large area of low ground, normally with high ground on two opposite sides. Generally, a valley will have two ridges on each side running the length of the valley. It will also have a large stream or river running it's length.


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