Treasure Hunters of all types!

Documentary television producers are looking for treasure hunters who are at the stage of their search that they are convinced of where their treasure is, but need some financial backing to finish the job!

The show idea is currently in development, and they want to hear your story! 

  • What types of "treasure" are we talking about? The treasure certainly can be gold, silver, jewels, or money. But it does not have to be. Relics, works of art, documents, or any other "treasure" will be considered.

  •  Where can the treasure be (in other words, where must the final search area be)? Anywhere. The US, North America, on land, in the ocean, virtually anywhere. If you believe you know where it is and are ready to recover it, they want to hear from you.

  • Do you have to be a professional Treasure Hunter? No. Anyone can qualify. Pros, amateurs, individuals, groups, teams, families. They're not looking for actors. They're looking for Treasure Hunters.

  • OK then, What's the catch? The producers want to develop a television show around Treasure Hunters searching for and recovering their treasures. You must have already completed your research to the level that you are convinced you know where the treasure is, sufficient to convince the financial backer. Once you do, you will have your financial backing to complete the search.

  • What does "financial backing" mean? You will receive the funding necessary to take the time, travel, and acquire the supplies and equipment necessary to recover the treasure.

  • Do I have to reveal the location I believe it's at? Only enough to convince the financial backer of the fact you know where it is. The exact location will still be your secret. Of course, the film crew will accompany you and be on location when you recover it.

  •  "This is your chance to have your dreams funded. If you are convinced of where the treasure is, and it's just a matter of having the right tools and time, we're looking to hear from you!

  •  If you're interested, please send a paragraph about yourself and a photo, and a "brief" description of your treasure to:"  -  Katie Killeen, Producer, PSG Films