Water Creatures (Fish, Crustaceans, and the like) Weather Predictors

Those living around water probably will recognize some of these. Here is a selection of of those observations.


  • Trout not biting means a storm approaches.


  • Codfish "takes on ballast" before a wind, bloating their eyes.


  • Cuttlefish swim on the water's surface before a storm.


  • When cold weather comes, sharks swim out to sea.


  • Sea Urchins dig into the mud before a storm.


  • Crabs head for land before a storm.


  • Cockles and shellfish attach gravel to their shells before storms.



  • Eels play before rain.



  • Whales an porpoises swim and spout around ships before a storm.

  • Sounding whales foretells stormy weather.


  • Storms follow large accumulations of jellyfish.

  • Black snails frequent open roads before a storm.



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