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Gold moves when water pressure is high enough to overcome the weight of the gold. When the water pressure decreases, gold stops. It can hide behind an object that has broken the flow of water,  or it can fall into a crack or crevice and hide from the water pressure. It can also stop when water slow down to flow around the inside of a curve. A fourth place is where the river widens into an area of slow moving water (commonly called a pool).


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Let's consider a specific quantity of water. When that water moves through a area that is 25 feet wide, it moves at a certain speed. If that same quantity of water moves through an area that is 100 feet wide, it slows down. Just like  what happens when a river flows into a lake. 


When the gold is pushed through the narrow region in the river, it moves at a certain speed. When  it enters the pool the water slows down, the water pressure is decreased and the gold drops. So, there will be an area at the beginning of the pool that will have good gold. It will probably be evenly distributed across the width of the pool, so look for places where the gold will pocket (exposed bedrock, boulders, cracks, crevices, etc).


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