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The above discussion will give the novice prospector a good idea of how to read a river to find where gold will "pocket." Of course, you can follow each of these lessons in detail and still not find a lot of gold.


First, make sure your looking at a river that is known for gold. The old timers didn't get it all, but if a river has some, they found it. So, don't waist your time looking in a river that has never had gold in it. 


Practice reading rivers to see where you would dredge, even if you don't plan on dredging in it right now. As with any skill, reading a river and finding gold takes practice.


Talk to those who know the river. They can save you a lot of looking time.


If possible, join a club that has some claims for the members to use. Clubs also have "outings" at which you can learn even more and actually participate in the "common operation." That way, you can get experience without wasting time. Let the club experts figure out where to work, then ask them why they chose that spot. Having some "on the ground" instruction can go a long way.


But, if you don't have a nearby club, and no locals will break loose with they're secrets, then follow what you've learned here.


Good Luck


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