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How to Determine Direction 


In everyday life, direction is expressed as right, left, up, down, forward, backward. But, these "directions" are only useful if they are related to a specific point of reference. "To the right of the tree" makes sense at first, but to two people looking at the tree from opposite vantage points, "to the right of the tree" would send them in opposite paths.



In land navigation, "direction" is expressed in terms of east, west, north, south, and common divisions of these terms, such as northwest. These directions are in relation to the plane of the earth's surface, referencing the north pole of the earth as the "north" direction.


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Whether the direction is given in relation to you, or to a mountain, a river, or a tree, north is always north. That way, no matter which vantage point you are looking at the tree from, the direction is north of the tree are points you in the same direction.

Get used to using directions expressed this way. After a while, it will feel strange to go speak of "the right side of the creek" instead of the "south side of the creek."


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