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... the use of junk or partial ecology to create scary scenarios for political or personal purposes. This Web Site aims to counter current 'ecochondria'about the world induced by such 'ecohype', which is generated on a daily basis by kneejerk journalism and politically-motivated 'Greenwash'. It is taken as axiomatic that we inhabit a tough old world in which change is the norm and that humans survive change through constant adaptation and development. Please note that this is not a straight 'science' Site - rather it often focuses on semiotics (signs/signification) and on the construction of environmental knowledge - " all you have been told at school or church or in any book" (Walt Whitman, 1855, from the 'Preface', Leaves of Grass).

EPA's Sham Science Reveals Political Agenda

"The Environmental Protection Agencyís recent decision to purchase 158 homes, empty two hundred apartments, and relocate the inhabitants of the Escambia section of Pensacola, Florida, like its previous decisions to purchase Love Canal and Times Beach, proves beyond doubt that dioxin has made the transition from possible health risk to certain political tool. It also shows that Superfund, the program under which the Escambia actions were taken, can be stretched to justify any action that politics may require." Go to the Source


In northeast Alaska, above the Arctic Circle, the snow seems to cover far more than the land.

Itís so thick and deep and cold and hard that you smell next to nothing and you hear even less. Given that part of the state sees no daylight for two months of every year, you donít see a lot either. For nine months of the year, much of the state is a winter wasteland where temperatures regularly reach 70 degrees below zero.

Contrast that with the marshes of south Louisiana. There, the climate -- a mixture of heat and humidity that coaxes sweat from every pore -- produces an overload of sensory input. Hyacinths and water lilies in the rivers and bayous exude a sweet, subtle fragrance, not to mention otherworldly beauty. Snakes and alligators, raccoons and nutria, bream and bass thrive in the areaís brown, warm river bottoms.

Yet weíre to believe that itís improper to drill for oil in the remote part of Alaska where the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge sits -- where fewer than 1,000 people live in an area the size of South Carolina. And that itís OK -- indeed, itís been going on for nearly 100 years -- to drill in the environmentally sensitive marshes of Louisiana, a state where 4 million make their homes in fewer than 50,000 square miles.


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