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This page lists known Environmental Groups, but must not be considered complete. Most could be considered Extreme or Radical in word and deed. All work toward the cessation of human contact with "the outdoors" to some degree. This list is provided for your knowledge and research.

Alaska Boreal Forest Council

Allegheny Defense Project 

Alliance for a Paving Moratorium

Alliance for the Wild Rockies

ALP: In Defense of Animals and La Plata rivers (four corners area)

American Heritage Rivers

American Rivers

Americans for the Environment

American Wildlands

Appalachian Trail Conservatency


Blue Mountain Native Forest Alliance

Cascade Checkerboard Project

Cascadia planet - News & Views

Catskill Center Home Page

Cascadia Times

Cascadia Wildlands Project

The Center for Conservation Biology


The Climate Action Network

Common Dreams

Defenders of Wildlife

Dogwood Alliance 

Earth Charter

Earth Island

Earthlaw -

Eco-Justice Collaborative

Eco Justice Ministries



Education Planet 

Endangered Earth

Endangered Species Colition

Endangered Species of Hawaii


Environmental Defense Fund WorldWide

Environmental Justice (yes...your government at work)

EnviroLink Network

Environmental Organization WebDirectory 

Environmental Media Service

Environmental Working Group

Environmental Yellow Pages

Environmental Law in the Public Interest

Society of Environmental Journalists

Forest Action Network 

Forest Guardians

Free The Planet

Friends of the Earth International

Friends of the Earth -- US

Global Response

Greater Laurentian Wildlands Project Email Only


IGC's Econet

Illinois Sierra Club

Interreligious Eco-Justice Network


Native Forest Council  

National Council for the Environment

Native Forest Network  

Native Forest Network in Australia

National Forest Protection Campaign's  

Oregon Wildlife Federation  

Green Parties of North America

Green Party

Greenpeace International 

League of Conservation Voters

National Audubon Society

National Forest Protection Campaign's  

National Parks and Conservation Association


National Resource Defense Council


Native Forest Council

Nature Conservancy

NCC Eco-Justice


Wild Rockies Alliance

Project Underground

Pure Water

Radical Environmental Group Index

Rainforest Action Network 

Restore the North Woods US-Canada

RiverLink: River Organizations

RiverLink: US River Organizations

Save Headwaters Forest Campaign

Sierra Club 

Sierra Club -- Rocky Mountain Chapter

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Wild Earth Guardians

Sky Island Alliance

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (SEACC)

Southwest Wildlands Initiative

The Thoreau Institute

Union of Concerned Scientists

USA Green Party Network

Umpqua Watersheds

Utah Environmental Congress

Virginia Forest Watch

Western States Center

Wilderness Links

The Wildlands Project

Wilderness Society

Wildlife Need Habitat Off-Limits to Humans

The Wild Rockies Slate  

Wisconsin Stewardship Network

World Watch

Yellowstone to Yukon  

Yukon Wildlands Project Email Only

Zoo Net

Boulder White Cloud Council

Wild Rockies Alliance

Working Group on Environmental Justice