Lake Chatuga, GA

April 24, 2009


April 24th on Lake Chatuge, between the beautiful mountains of Georgia and North Carolina, Patrick Bone fished to a First Place Finish at a local Bass Tournament in his Rocker Box Ranger boat.


   It's the perfect time of year to fish, its spring time, and bass are on bed (spawning time) and they are quite a challenge to catch! After 3 hours of coaxing he finally got her in the boat! She weighed 8.58 lbs, with a total of 6 fish weighing between 2 1/2 to 8 lbs he was able to end the day in victory with a total sack weighing in at 19 1/2 lbs. Way to go Patrick!!!!


The tournament was an open tournament ( anyone could apply ) hosted by Chestatee Bass Club from Cleveland, Georgia. There were approximately 40 contestants ready to do business that morning; each boat striking out by safelight, which was about 7AM Eastern Time.


   Patrick spent several days practicing for this tournament, he says " Bedfishing is one of my strong points and it's a great feeling when you can pull that off in a Tournament". Leading up to Tournament day he went practice fishing, moving around the lake, looking at everything and gettin the feel of what the fish were doing. He states he knew a lot of fish would be spawning so he concentrated on looking for bedfish, and it paid off!


   Several big fish caught his attention during practice days that were on bed and you always hope they will still be there the next day. Striking out at 7AM he went to check these same beds and he was happy to find the 8.58 pounder that won the tournament pulled up on bed that evening , it pays to practice! Weighing in at 3PM, he saw that a lot of big fish were caught that day by several fisherman, but the limit of fish caught couldn't beat the 19 1/2 pounds that Patrick caught!


Great Job Patrick!


Lets go fishin boys!!!!