Nugget Shooting


Nugget shooting is using a metal detector to find nuggets located underground. Nugget shooting can be done anywhere you think gold may be hidden. Deserts, forests, riverbed, anyplace. There are many books written on the subject of finding gold with a metal detector.


Any metal detector will find gold, as gold is a metal. But, some metal detectors are geared toward relics or coins, and so the electronics are specifically designed to give the best performance for these types of objects.


A metal detector specifically designed for gold usually has no "discrimination," that is, is detects all metals equally well, and is very, very sensitive.


A typical gold nugget metal detector can find a nugget slightly larger than the head of a pin (once you know your machine).


If you use discrimination to reject nails and other trash, you loose the sensitivity for these small nuggets. However, advances are being made in metal detector technology every day, and discriminating machines are getting better at rejecting trash while still detecting very small nuggets.


Generally, for the average nugget shooter, a higher quality metal detector with some discrimination is a good detector to nugget shoot with.


The ability to interpret your detectors signals is more important than the style or cost of the metal detector.


Accessories useful for metal detecting are scoops, knee pads, tweezers, magnifying glass, canteens, belt pouches, knapsacks, hat, etc.


Experience is the best determining factor on what you want or don't want while nugget shooting.


Good Luck


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