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We take online security very serious!

Here at the Rocker Box, we know how important it is to be security conscious. That's why we employ several security measures to make sure your information is protected at all times.


First, we only ask for the minimum information necessary to complete your transaction.

No more...No less


Second, we do not ask for, and never will ask for, your social security number. No online merchant should ever have need for your social security number as a result of something you purchase.


Third, we will never ask you to send credit card information in an email. If you ever receive an email who claims to be from us asking for credit card information, please inform us of it, then disregard it. Sending credit card information by email is very risky. Criminals use small programs called "sniffers" to sniff out unencrypted credit card numbers sent in emails and record them for later use. If, by chance, you send credit card information to us by email, we will suggest you immediately contact your credit card's bank to cancel it and get a new card.


Fourth, we use Paypal and AmazonPay on our online catalog transaction page to ensure your credit card information is protected. Paypal takes extraordinary steps in their security protocols to ensure your information is protected against hackers and misuse...or we would not be using it.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Fifth, your personal information, such as name, phone number, and address is stored for you in a secured data base, with access limited to only those that require it for processing and communications for this website. Your information is never sold, lent, or otherwise transferred to any person or entity outside of this website without your expressed and information permission.


Sixth, only a few specifically authorized people are allowed access to your information.


Seventh, several levels of security are set in place during the transaction to ensure the transaction is not fraudulent. If there is any question of its authenticity, you and/or the credit card's bank will be contacted to verify the order.


These measures show the commitment we have to make sure your online ordering is safe and enjoyable. So order with the confidence that we at The Rocker Box have your security in mind every step of the way.  

Any questions concerning the above should be email'd to us for clarification prior to ordering. As additional security, we will not give out specifics of the security measures we employ as the criminals will use it to attempt to defeat them.