Sniping is the searching out of gold along exposed bedrock, prying open cracks and crevices.


Gold, being the heaviest of anything in the river (with the exception of platinum), will drop into the smallest cracks in bedrock. These cracks can hold an amazing amount of gold.


All that is necessary to get at this gold is a small pry bar or a cold chisel and hammer.


Nuggets will show up nice, but "flour gold" will mix with the concentration of sands and black sand thatcan be scooped or brushed into a gold pan and panned on the spot.


Sniping can be done by anyone, even small children. The thrill of finding a small nugget just lying under a rock is one you have to experience to believe.


Sniping takes a minimum amount of equipment and effort, and is a great way to fill the voids between other outings that require lots of equipment.


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