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Treasure Hunting  


A question that is often asked is,

"Is there really treasure out there?" 


The answer is a definite YES! There is a tremendous amount of treasure out there, just waiting to be found.


 Then, the second question is, "Can I find it?" Again, the answer is a definite YES!  


Third, is there a difference between these treasure hunters you see in the magazines and hear about on the news and you? 


That depends.


First, are you  engaged in doing some research on treasures? (They are and you can too) 


Second, Do you go out and look for treasure? (They are and you can too)


Third, do you have the right equipment? (They do and you can too)


Treasure hunting is the search for lost, buried, sunken, or otherwise hidden treasure, and our RESEARCH area has hundreds of treasure stories and ghost towns listed state-by-state, and county-by-county from which to start.


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