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10 Ways You Can Help

to preserve recreational prospecting, metal detecting, and treasure hunting

for your children's futures?

For years, environmental extremists have been infiltrating their way into positions of power in order to implement their agenda. You can see it in Washington starting with the Clinton White House and work your way down (many Clinton appointees are still there). The individual states have also been infiltrated. Take a look at almost every state, and you will see more and more restrictions being put on access to public lands, be it state or federal. You see tighter controls being put on outdoor activities, too. You can even see the efforts to push homeowners off of their land, in order to decrease the "human presence" in the area. 

But, that's not the only way that environmental extremists push their agenda. Protests have long been a weapon of choice for the environmental crowd, and now, Anarchy and Environmental Terrorism are used by many of these groups to get as much publicity as possible for their cause and to disrupt the daily activities of companies who they don't like. An example of this is the environmental terrorist attacks against home building in remote areas.


With big media both being on the side of the environmentalists and looking for a big story for ratings, the only way that these extremists will be conquered is through public education and action. By action, I don't mean taking the same types of action as the extremists. But, I do mean using the means you have available to you, the recreational prospector, the rock hounder, the metal detectorist, the outdoor enthusiast. Laws can only be changed (or implemented) in Washington DC (for Federal Laws) and the State Capitals (for State Laws).

FIRST, support those organizations that work to limit the environmental extremist agenda. Better yet, join the organization and help out. Also, many Recreational Prospecting, Rock Hounding, and Metal Detecting clubs and organizations are actively involved in the pursuit of common sense environmentalism. Support or join these organizations.

SECOND. Write those corporations that sponsor or support extremist organizations. Let them know exactly how you feel. Let them know that you will not support them (i.e. buy their products or services) as long as they continue to support organizations who's purpose it is to limit the peoples right to access to their own lands. For them, money talks.

THIRD.  Write, call, or email your Representative and Senators in Congress. Let them know, in no uncertain terms, how you feel about a particular issue. Since they represent YOU, they cannot accurately do this without you telling them how you feel.

FOURTH.  Write, call, or email the President of the United States, and let him know how you feel about a particular issue. Now that we have a President that does not rule by polls, but driven by what's best for our country and our people instead of a  socialist liberal/ environmental agenda, your opinions will not fall on deaf ears. 

FIFTH.  Write, call, or email the Secretary (or Director) of the agency involved with the issue your concerned with, and tell them how you feel about the issue. Remember, they may not have been elected, but they still work for us. With enough pressure, they will move.

SIXTH. Write the Governor of the state involved. If your a citizen of that state, so much the better. If not, let that Governor know that you vacation in his/her state. If however, your recreation is no longer welcome in his/her state, then you will go elsewhere, where your recreation (and tourist money) is more welcome. Many states rely on huge tourist revenues. When those revenues start going down, the local businesses (and people in general) will cry "FOUL."

SEVENTH. Write your State Legislatures. Just like the Representatives in DC, they represent you. Their job is to make sure that your desires and concerns are met. If they have local town hall meetings, go there. Talk to them about these issues, even if it isn't on their agenda, cause they should be. 

EIGHTH. When you do go out and participate in your recreation, don't trash the land. Fill in your holes. Pick up your trash. If someone trashed the place before you got there, pick up theirs also. When fence sitters drive or walk into an area that has been pock-marked by treasure hunters or recreational prospectors, they will more than likely NOT be sympathetic to your cause.  If, however, you are seen to be responsible in your recreation, you just might create a couple of more converts. 

NINTH. Don't just read letters to the editor, WRITE letters to the editor. Who knows how many people will be stimulated to take action if only somebody would start.

TENTH. Last, but not least, VOTE! The people who are passing these laws that are so viscously eating away at our Constitutional Rights were voted INTO office and can also be voted OUT. But, they will stay and continue to do damage if you, and people just like you, don't vote. 

You see. There is a lot you can do, without resorting to illegal tactics of the extremists. However, it will only do some good if you, and the ten's of thousands just like you, take a stand and start making some noise of your own! Hint: when writing public officials, corporations, or letters to the editors, only write about one issue at a time. Don't threaten them and don't insult them. Keep your letter firm, simple, pointed, but civil, and "stick to your guns."

Know this. If you remain silent, and those around you remain silent, in a few short years you will not be walking in the mountains, forests, deserts, beaches, or anyplace else outside of city limits with your wife and kids, much less participate in your recreational prospecting, metal detecting, or treasure hunting. (Unless, of course, you're a member of some Environmental Elitist Organization and have special permits.) The time is coming, and not far off.