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Welcome to The Rocker Box Blog Archive, where you can read about tips, techniques, and procedures on a variety of subjects surrounding treasure hunting, metal detecting, gold prospecting, ghost town hunting, and "My 2-cents" on just about anything.

What's Your Treasure?
I cannot tell you what your “treasure” is. Only you can do that. I can, however, tell you what my “treasure” is. My treasure is discovery. My treasure is putting pieces of a historical puzzle together. My treasure is being where history happened and reliving the events attached to the ground. My treasure is not just identifying where something happened, but why it happened. I see history, not just as a collection of names, dates, places, and events, but as a connected series of causes and effects. Read the Article

Where to Begin? 
So…your thinking of hunting for treasure either as a hobby, a recreation, or a vocation. How do I know this? You’re reading this article. Congratulations. You’ve taken the first step into a world larger than you can imagine. It’s a world of mystery, intrigue, fascination, frustration, and elation. It’s a world of anticipation and discovery. And, it’s a world of search and research…planning and preparation…actions and accomplishments. But, where do you begin? Read the Aricle

What's the Best Metal Detector?
One of the most commonly asked questions I get when talking treasure hunting is, “What the best metal detector?” Every person that is asked that question is going to have his/her own slant on the subject. Each has their own experiences, and each has their own ‘type” of treasure they’re going for. I’m no different. So, I’m going to give my “slant” and see if what I contribute will narrow the selection down a bit. Read the Article

Let's Talk Metal Detector Accessories
Metal detecting can be one of the most enjoyable activities you can participate in. The anticipation of knowing that the next “beep” could be a significant and valuable object, such as a gold ring, a silver coin, or an artifact of some long-ago event is the energy drink that keeps the Metal Detectorist going. But, we do have to admit, swinging a metal detector for hours on end, digging object after object only to see that your efforts are another nail or piece of wire can take a lot of fun out of what should be leisure and enjoyment. Even though the metal detector is doing the “detecting job,” there are other tools and equipment that can make the time and effort easier, more enjoyable, and even more profitable. Read the Article

Hobby Symbiosis
Most people who are not involved in Amateur Radio immediately think of “Hams” (an Amateur Radio enthusiast) sitting at a table full of huge radios, banging away at a Morse code key and talking on a large microphone. Those Hams do exist. In fact, I also enjoy “banging away” on a code key, as that was one of the skills I picked up in my prior life. But, there is a slice of Amateur Radio much more suited to the treasure hunter and his/her treasure hunting activities. It’s commonly called “2-meter,” but more properly called “VHF/UHF.” Read the Article

Count'n Ounces
What is Dual Use? It’s the selection of items that I took with me that could be used for two or more tasks. Comfort, no matter how menial, was important to us in the field. If you could carry something that had a dual use that also provided some means of comfort, it was worth its weight in gold. Read the Article

Wilderness Fashion: Color or Camo?
I must admit that I’m not the most sociable person in the world. I’m not one to walk up and start a conversation, especially with strangers. Nor am I one that relishes people coming up to me and starting a conversation, although I can be sociable when that happens. But, usually it’s not a long conversation. When I’m walking around the ‘big city,’ I’m going somewhere to do something, and ‘sitting around on a park bench chatting with the locals’ is not my thing. Nor do I stand out in a crowd…other than my altitude. I don’t dress to be seen. I don’t act to be noticed. I don’t intentionally draw attention to myself. It’s not that I have anything against being visible. I just would rather ‘be in the background.’ Call it leftovers from living a life of being in the shadows. A lot of this comes out in me when I'm 'in the field.' Read the Article

Playing Hide & Seek with Gold - Part 1
Lucky for us, gold can come right out of the ground in a valuable form without any special processing. In fact, you can sell raw gold for about twice the “spot” value to collectors, jewelers, and even tourists. All it takes is to hunt some of that elusive commodity, and you’re rich…right? Well...maybe. Read the Article

Playng Hide & Seek with Gold - Part 2

In part 1 we talked about water, and how water can concentrate gold into “pockets,” and how we can identify the probable location of some of those pockets by imagining where flood stage water would be fast, and where that water would slow down. These are not the only places gold can hide, though. Here are a few other tidbits of gold lore. ...Read the Article


Make the Best Use of Winter - Part 1

In 2018, the start of the Memorial Day (28 May) weekend is Friday, 25 May, 2018. So, my goal is to be physically fit sufficient to pursue my treasure hunting adventures by Friday, 25 May 2018. I have just 144 days (just a little over 20 weeks) to meet my goal. I urge you to look at your calendar and pick your own goal date. But, just what is “physically fit sufficient to pursue my treasure hunting adventures?” ...Read the Article


Make the Best Use of Winter - Part 2

In Part 1, I chose to talk about getting “in shape” for treasure hunting, because getting in shape takes the longest to do. Winter is a great time to do this, as many types of exercise can be done inside. But, that’s not the only thing that can be done to get ready for treasure hunting season. The rest can be summed up in three words: Research, planning, and preparation. ...Read the Article


Make the Best Use of Winter - Part 3

There’s an old Murphy’s Law that says, “What can go wrong, will go wrong.” I cannot tell you how true that is. Inclement weather, broken shovel handles, dead batteries, torn tents, water soaked clothing, and the list goes on and on, and I’ve come to the very philosophical conclusion that I cannot stop Murphy from wielding his ugly head, but I can do what I can to minimize his effects. ...Read More


Kids Love Treasure Hunting

Kids love a treasure hunt. They love discovery. They love finding something hidden. Why not take advantage of that natural drive and curiosity and provide them an opportunity to develop their imagination, dedication to purpose, critical thinking skills, and sense of determination by getting them involved in Treasure Hunting. ...Read More


Critical Thinking - The Treasure Hunter's Most Important Skill

Stories of treasure buried or lost can become distorted over time. Sometimes intentionally, other times not. But it seems that the more distant the telling is from the time of the actual event, the more chance there is that “facts” are added, changed, left out, or embellished to make the story more attractive to the listener (as often the teller is trying to sell something and needs the listener to buy it). ...Read More


How to Read a River - Part 1

What is Reading a River? It the survey and reconnaissance of a gold bearing river to determine the MOST LIKELY locations that gold will collect (commonly called ‘pockets’). Well…how do I know if a river is a ‘gold bearing river? That’s easy...Read More