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Where to Begin


So…your thinking of hunting for treasure either as a hobby, a recreation, or a vocation. How do I know this? You’re reading this article. Congratulations. You’ve taken the first step into a world larger than you can imagine. It’s a world of mystery, intrigue, fascination, frustration, and elation. It’s a world of anticipation and discovery. And, it’s a world of search and research…planning and preparation…actions and accomplishments.

But, where do you begin? First, what interests you? Does the searching for, working for, and finding of raw gold interest you? Does the searching for, working for, and discovering a long-lost ledge of gold or silver interest you? Does the searching for, working for, and discovering a buried cache of “loot” interest you? Does the searching for, working for, and discovering an old dumping ground of century old bottles or other relics interest you? Does the searching for, working for, and discovering of coins, rings, necklaces, buttons, badges, tokens or other “droppings” at old gathering places of people interest you? Does the searching for, working for, and discovering relics of passing wagon trains, marching armies, or long forgotten battles interest you?

Before you can take the second step down this path, identify for yourself what it is that you want to “go for.” It makes a big difference when it comes to planning, preparation, research, and ultimately searching for and discovering your “treasure.” As an example, if the thought of dredging for gold in a river just down the road (a river well known for having good amounts of gold) piques your interest, the WORST thing you can do is to just strap on an air tank or a hookah rig and jump in the water. The risks of diving in a river are just as dangerous (and maybe more so in some ways) than diving in the open ocean. Acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to have BEFORE venturing out. The same can be said for some more “seemingly” safe activities. Jumping behind the wheel of a truck and driving deep into the mountains, then continuing on-foot to a given area is safe enough…unless…you wrench a knee or have an encounter with local wildlife. Maybe you’ve decided to venture into that abandoned mine a few miles out of town, and inside find rotten timbers, sweating dynamite, bat guano, or a startled cougar. I’m not trying to discourage anybody. I am, however, trying to get a simple point across. Part of “going after” a treasure involves properly preparing ourselves…not just buying a bunch of gear and throwing into the pickup.

In these articles, where going to talk about the above like “eating an elephant”…one bite at a time. I will bring up some thoughts, ideas, and experience I’ve had over the years in my pursuits. Hopefully, you will be able to learn some of what to do, and some of what not to do.

I authored the book, “CACHE! Stories of Buried Treasures and Hidden Wealth,” nCACHE! Stories of Buried Treasure and Hidden Wealthot just provide reading entertainment for the armchair enthusiast (but s/he will certainly be entertained reading it), but also to spark interest in pursuing what I consider the greatest hobby, recreation, and vocation there is…that being the searching and finding of history. The searching and finding of a long-lost buried cache of wealth. I urge you to pick up a copy, as it not only a collection of good stories to read, but it also contains a wealth in information on tips and techniques.

Where do you begin? Just…begin!

Full Disclosure: The supplies, equipment, tips, techniques, and procedures I recommend are based on my evaluation and experience. I link items I recommend to companies I have an affiliate agreement with (or to The Rocker Box Catalog) from which I receive a small percentage of sales if sales are made during your visit to their website. The recommendations are mine, and mine alone. I use any proceeds to pay for The Rocker Box website, and to generate future articles and activities. I thank you in advance for your patronage and support to further the great recreations, hobbies, and vocations of treasure hunting, gold prospecting, metal detecting, ghost town hunting, and rock hounding.

30-Second Bio: I am a retired soldier of the US Army Special Forces (aka Green Berets),The Author: Mark Prewitt serving for over 25 years. My specialties were communications, medicine, operations and intelligence, with extensive cross training in weapons and demolitions. I was a paratrooper, jumpmaster, combat diver, combat dive supervisor, combat dive medic, sniper, and pathfinder. I’ve been deployed countless times to locations on four continents, and have participated in operations in open water, riverine, jungle, mountain, desert, arctic, and urban environments…but I’ve been a “treasure Hunter” since I was eight. The End.