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Weather Lore


How many times have you been out "in the woods" and looked up only to see dark clouds looming overhead, then begin feeling sprinkles of rain. OOPS! There goes another fine weekend. 

Well, here's a collection of old-time weather sayings to give you a heads-up on weather changes.


Red Sky in the Morning, Sailors Take Warning.

Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight.


A red sky in the morning indicates that storms and rain can be expected within 24 hours, whereas, a red sky at night indicates clear skies for the next 24 hours.

When the Dew is in the Grass, Rain will Never Come to Pass.

When Grass is Dry at Morning Light, Look for Rain Before the Night.


Dew forming overnight indicates fair weather, whereas no dew forming indicates rain.

A summer fog for fair, a winter fog for rain.


Ground fog is summer indicates fair weather, whereas ground fog in winter forecasts rain.

Clear nights - cold days


This is especially true in winter, early spring, and late fall, and especially after a rain.

When forests murmur and mountains roar, close your windows and shut the door.


When sound travels long distances, expect rain soon.

When ditch and pond affect the nose, look for rain and stormy blows.


When storms draw near, odors increase.

When forests murmur and mountains roar, close your windows and your doors.


Sounds travel farther before stormy weather.

Trees showing the undersides of their leaves foretell rain.


"When High meets Low it doth blow".
Meaning, when high pressure meets low pressure strong winds are forecast soon.
Mike Foster Southampton, England. (Where the  Queen Mary 2nd "turns round") 

Thanks Mike

I am experiencing a much heavier loss of needles this fall and I wondered if there was an old wives' tale concerning it? - Fred Keith

How 'bout it Weather-lore fans! Can anyone help out Fred?

My dad use to go by the persimmon seed for the weather of each year, Let the seed ripen then open the seed with a pair of pliers, Inside the seed will be a spoon, and it tells you that there will be a plenty of snow to shovel for the first of the winter. This is true? -  Winterwolf

Another question for the old-salts of weather. Anyone have an answer for Winterworlf?

Here's some weather lore from Jason Hunt -

"When an oak leaf is as big as a squirrels ear, that's when you plant corn."

"Thunder and lightning in January means high water in May."
"Corn has to be knee high by the 4th of July to produce a good harvest."

"If it rains when the sun is out, it will rain the same time the next day."


Thanks Jason


If it rains & bubbles form atop of the puddles, it will rain for 3 days.

Submitted by: Lori F. from WI


Thanks, Lori


If there is still old snow - there will still be a new snow to top it.

Submitted by: Lori F. from WI


Thanks, Lori


If a circle forms 'round the moon

It will rain, very soon

Submitted by Mary & Dwight Alward

Thanks, Mary & Dwight



If salt is sticky and gains in weight

It will rain before too late

Submitted by Mary & Dwight Alward

Thanks again, Mary & Dwight



When wind comes from the east

It's not fit for man nor beast

Submitted by Mary & Dwight Alward

Thanks yet again, Mary & Dwight



Rain before 7 stops by 11. Referring to morning time frame.

D. Stoddard, Michigan-- where the weather changes if you wait 15 min, and  now in South Carolina where smiling faces and beautiful places go hand in hand. trouble is the beautiful places are hard to find

Thanks D.


Old Kansas Saying:  "In a green sky, the cows will fly"   

This means that a tornado is coming if the sky is green. 

Some versions use house, pigs, and cars instead of cows.

Glenda Green


Thanks Glenda,


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Do you know of any folk lore used as weather predictors? If so, email us the saying and it's interpretation and you and your club will get full credit.