Insect Weather Predictors

For centuries, insects have been used to foretell weather. Here is a selection of of those observations.

  • Bees flying close to the hive foretells bad weather, whereas bees that fly far from the hive foretells good weather. 


  • When bees stay in the hives, bad weather is imminent.

  • Ants scatter in fair weather, and travel in lines when stormy weather comes.


  • Ants close their holes before storms and open the holes when clear.


  • Ants building up their mounds indicates rain soon.

Wasps & Hornets

  • Wasps and hornets eagerly biting means rain.



  • Fleas are many before rain and snow.

  • Fleas bite fiercely before a rain.

Flies & Gnats

  • Flies that return after being shooed away indicates rain.

  • Clouds of gnats at sundown means clear weather.

  • When Cockroaches fly, expect rain.


Fireflies & Glowworms

  • Fireflies fly low before a rain.

  • Glowworms light when the air is damp.


  • Locusts are heard when it's hot and clear.


Wood Lice

  • Wood lice run in large numbers before a rain.

  • Spiders weaving their webs during the middle of the day indicates continued good weather.

  • When spiders weave their webs , expect a fair day.

  • When spiders threngthen their webs, expect a storm.

  • Tarantulas crawl in the daytime when rain approaches.



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